As a rookie its your job to

1. ) Bring Energy, everyday

2.) Be positive 

- points 1 and 2 are something you can control when, as a rookie, you can't control much. You can chose your attitude everyday and show up to the arena ready to work with a competitive and  positive attitude. Show you're not bigger than the team or league. 

3.) Earn the trust of your coaches

- As a coach, you want to play the players you trust. Likely, those are the vets until a rookie proves they can take those minutes away from a vet. It takes time. 

4.) Earn the trust of vets

- Vets are on the team for a reason, because they earned the trust of their coach and figured out a way to survive in the league, show respect but be confident and fight for your share of playing time. 


What you feel when you don't know what you're doing. 

The first 20 games in junior hockey / professional hockey is a very testing time both mentally and physically. Likely you spent the summer training hard, working on your skills, tightening up your nutrition plan. When you get to training camp and into your first regular season games, your ice time may not correlate between the work you put in over the course of the summer. I cannot stress enough that this is a mental toughness test, during this time. If you have success - can you sustain it ? If you're not having success  - how do you get on track ? 

As an athlete it is important you trust your process on a daily basis. I had the great fortune of coaching with the Detroit Red Wings and seeing how Nick Lidstrom went about his business on a daily basis. He was consistent off the ice just as he was on the ice. No rush, no panic, no hurry, no PRESSURE. Calm and composed. This is my bench mark for how I represent players, I strongly encourage good habits year around that will carry you into your season and help your adjustment to "highs" and "lows". 

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

As we take steps of faith, we depend on God and how much he can do for us. If we live our lives too safely we will never know the thrill of seeing God's work. When God gave us His Spirit, He empowered us to live beyond our natural ability and strength. That is why it is so wrong to measure our energy level against the challenges ahead of us. The issue is not our own personal strength, but God's, which is limitless.