Athletic Conformity vs Creative Activity

This is the time of year many hockey players review the first half of the season. Coaches meet with players before they take the holiday break, some players have been selected for all star games, some players are stuck in roles and are desiring more responsibility or opportunity. This raises the question of where are you on the spectrum of Athletic Conformity vs Creative Activity.  Finding the extra ingredient to your game can be very difficult mid season when you're conforming to coaches expectations, training staff exceptions and last but not least your teammates expectations of you.  

Consider the following tips foster creativity. There is always room to grow.

1. What time do you arrive to the arena? What time are you leaving the arena? When you get to the arena be business like and methodical, get your work done, do a little extra, prepare for tomorrow and get out of there. 

2. How healthy are you? The physicality ramps up in the 2nd half of the season, take the extra time to look after your body not only while you're at the arena but when you get home. Something little now can turn into something bigger during playoffs. 

3. What extra elements you can provide your team off the ice? Taking time to focus on leadership skills is something everyone can do regardless of athletic ability. 

4. Are you a student of the game? Learn to look at the game and opponents from a different perspective. Finding what works for others can give you very valuable insight even If they have a different style. 

5. Are you consistent? Have a plan and give your chance to succeed with it. Players and coaches take notice of players who are grasping for anything in tough times and become complacent in good times. Be confident in your plan and show your commitment to your process.