You are who they thought you were ....

Whether you spend 1 practice , 1 game , or 1 season with a team the hockey world will write it's book on you. How you treat people and how you behave regardless of your talent, or the role you have, will create your mark.  You will move on for one reason or another and leave a lasting impression. Eventually someone will ask "how was ____________ when he was with you guys?" 

What will they say about you? Great guy .... ? Selfish ... ? The best ... ? Never got to know him ... ? Arrogant ? Respectful ?  

NHL Vets lose their luster, NHL rookies under perform, NHL Coaches will eventually lose games, NHL draft picks don't pan out., GM's sign players that don't end up working out. The impression you leave with a team and in the hockey world has less to do with your production on the ice and more how you treat people.